About Sergio

Virginia’s 6th District has always been home to Sergio who grew up in Bridgewater, VA, and currently lives in Rockingham County with his wife Jennifer and their two dogs Lilly and Penny. His father immigrated from Naples, Italy to America and opened Sergio's Pizza in Bridgewater where he raised his family and later became an American Citizen.
After Sergio graduated from Turner Ashby High School he went to Massanutten Technical Center, which is a vocational institute, and studied computer repair and networking. He then went into the workforce obtaining different positions in Information Technology and management.
Sergio later went to Blue Ridge Community College and graduated with an Associates in Arts and Science, and received certificates in Computer Science and Web Design and Development. During his last year he was President of the Student Government Association, which lead him to his first experience of public service and representation. He attended multiple college committee meetings and the SGA would work with local organizations like the Boys and Girls Club and the NAACP. With this experience Sergio decided to change his academic path to business and politics.
Now a graduate of James Madison University with a Bachelors of Science with concentrations in Computer Science, Business, and Politics, he has researched both the United States’ political structure and national and international healthcare, and his work has led him to take a bipartisan approach to national issues. With this background, he has made America’s health care a primary focus of his campaign.
While the Affordable Care Act has had some positive influences, it has not met the needs of many Americans and Sergio wants to work to fix this problem with his “Dual Care” plan which would provide truly affordable health care for everyone!